Friday, January 3, 2014

10 years, still going strong, we've even created life, twice!

Ten years ago I read a book that rocked my world and completely changed my life. When a friend recommended it to me I laughed and basically said I would always eat meat. Boy did I eat my words.  The day I finished reading Fit for Life was the day I stopped eating animals. Now, this wasn't my first attempt, more like the third, but this time I had my why. So armed with the knowledge my journey began. I continued to educate myself on nutrition and how the body functions. I started by replacing meat with other things. We would still enjoy our comfort foods like hamburger helper, but instead of ground up cow I substituted veggie crumbles (aka textured vegetable protein or TVP). As our health began to improve with increased energy and weight loss I eventually stopped all animal products like dairy, eggs, and seafood. Since I never bought or cooked meat my husband reaped the rewards as well and after a few trips eating out, he soon realized how awful meat made him feel.  

I'm happy to say that both of my growing boys have never eaten animals. That book has created a snowball affect in our lives. From food choices to parenting styles to holistic health care, we have definitely been on an amazing journey. Except for emergencies we have basically removed our need for medical intervention with our lifestyle choices. How many people can say that? People scoff at our ideals, all while chugging down their prescription drugs and multiple trips to the doctors for the so called "normal" health problems. Children get stuck on antibiotics and fever reducers which in turn destroy the bodies natural functions and abilities to heal itself resulting in ear infections, sinus problems, and intestinal issues to name a few. 

Today I finished a book by Rip Esselstyn, My Beef with Meat, it's full of myth busting information and recipes to help you start living plant-strong. 

Above I mentioned veggie crumbles. This, along with other meat substitute should only be considered transition food since it can be just as hard to digest as meat. Fruits and plants should be the bulk of the diet with items like these used sparingly, if at all. 

Stepping outside our comfort zone is the only way to see change. What you put in and on your body directly reflects your health.

Wouldn't you like to be in control of your health? There are many resources out there to help get you started. I am willing to help in anyway I can. It's never too late to change your life forever. What's holding you back? 

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